Third Village

Third Village Coffee, Darlinghurst, Sydney

UPDATE 7th September 2016: The Stanley Street branch of Third Village Coffee has closed. The shop at 150 William Street is still open.

I was told about the wonders of an Australian coffee soon after I arrived in Sydney. Indeed one of my friends who was originally from England before moving to Australia, lamented the lack of a good long black coffee during a return visit to England and was befuddled by Americano coffees! However, this was only because he didn’t go to the right places 🙂

I had my first ‘proper’ Australian coffee at Third Village (Stanley Street shop) on my third day in Australia and while still feeling very jet lagged. And it hit the spot! Third Village is a first port of call for many workers in the near vicinity for a morning coffee before starting work. The only downside is limiting your daily caffeine intake!

 My work colleagues would limit themselves to no more than three coffees a day. Third Village did a promotion where they gave away vouchers for free takeaway coffee – this went down very well…

Coffee in a glass cup and on a black saucer

My first ‘proper’ Australian coffee @ Third Village

The style and decor is ‘hipster’ – colourful murals, posters and exposed brick. There was also a red dog sculpture by Australian contemporary artists, Gillie and Marc, one of the sculptures from the Lost Dogs art project. Well, the sculpture was present when I was there. The downstairs dining room is a little cramped though – the upstairs room (where the dog sculpture sat in a corner) is more airy.

Third Village also serves breakfasts, light meals and cakes / biscuits, although I tried only their toasted sandwiches to takeaway (my favourite was the pumpkin, feta and baba ganoush toastie on wonderful sourdough bread). I also had my first Anzac biscuit!

Art work

A lost dog @ Third Village

The menu changes fairly regularly and I believe that now, the options are predominantly ‘grab and go.’ It’s also worth noting that there are gluten free items available – my friend has a gluten intolerance and is a fan of their pistachio cookies.

The other Third Village shop is at 150, William Street.

Third Village serves excellent and reasonably priced coffee, so if you love good coffee and just happen to be nearby, pay Third Village a visit! Since returning to the UK, I have been on the hunt for long black coffees and Anzac biscuits…

Third Village
80 Stanley Street
Sydney. NSW 2010
Typical cost per person for coffee and a light meal: Up to $15

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