Sushi Train, Darlinghurst, Sydney

Cuisine: Japanese

There are a number of Sushi Train restaurants across Australia and a couple in New Zealand. The restaurants include a sushi bar, conveyor belt where diners can pick little dishes of sushi from the conveyor belt as they whizz past. This is nothing new and is a common feature of the dining experience in Japan. In the UK, we have a chain called YO! Sushi which also features a sushi bar.

I stumbled upon Sushi Train in Darlinghurst (or Oxford as stated on the website) on a very wet and cold Saturday evening – I learnt that when it rains in Sydney, it really rains…! I was looking for shelter from the rain and a quick bite to eat but I didn’t fancy Hungry Jacks (known as Burger King in the UK). Sushi Train appeared to me when I walked into the Oxford Square shopping centre. It was not too busy and I thought I’d give the Australian version of YO! Sushi a go – there weren’t too many places to choose from.

As it was a cold evening, I favoured something warming. I had the teriyaki tofu rice bowl with a side of miso soup which were both made to order. This hit the spot – the tofu came in large billowy cubes and were glazed with a delicious teriyaki sauce. The tofu were as light as a feather and were served on a satisfying mound of steamed rice.  The dish was garnished with shredded spring onion. Miso soup is one of my favourites – so savoury and filling – and sometimes feels like a meal in itself. All in all, this was a delicious meal and the tofu was vegetarian 🙂 (I’m not sure if the miso soup was vegetarian – usually, it includes dashi). I understand though that the menu varies depending on the location but there are still plenty of other veggie choices.

A large bowl of Teriyaki tofu and a smaller bowl of miso soup

Teriyaki tofu rice bowl and miso soup @Sushi Train Oxford (Darlinghurst)

I didn’t have room for any sushi but I have been told that the sushi is consistently pretty good and fresh. One thing that struck me about the menu was how cheap the food was when compared to the UK – in some cases, less than half the price of YO! Sushi. Sydney is not the cheapest of places but I did learn that you can buy cheap and very fine sushi (my favourite place being Sushi on Stanley). My meal at Sushi Train which didn’t include sushi or sashimi, cost less than $11 at the time of writing which to me is still a bargain and probably not much more than a burger from Hungry Jacks.

I ventured out of Oxford Square shopping centre and back into the rain but at least I had been fed well.

Sushi Train (Oxford)
Shop 22, 63 Oxford Street
NSW. 2010
Tel:  +61 2 9267 6265
Opening hours: Monday – Sunday 11.00 – 22.00
Typical cost per person excluding drinks: Up to $15

Sushi Train Oxford Square on Urbanspoon


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