Walking in time, Sydney

Yogurtland, CBD, Sydney CLOSED

(This post was written in 2014)

I noticed many frozen yogurt (or ‘froyo’) shops in Sydney, with many shops in the city and suburbs –  Yogurberry, YogurtlandMoochi and Twisted are four chains that spring to mind and there were other independent places, such as Snow Pink. I’m sure I noticed at least three different shops within a couple of a hundred metres on the CBD part of George Street! One of these was the CBD Yogurtland branch at 501, George Street and this was the first frozen yogurt shop I visited.

Yogurtland is self service and customers can choose from a variety of premium frozen yogurts and toppings to create a custom frozen yogurt dessert. There are a number of dispensing machines (like ice cream dispensing machines) for different flavours of frozen yogurts and then a counter with bowls of various toppings. You could have as much yogurt as you wish! The flavours ranged from fruit based to nuts to dessert (e.g. cheesecake) and lots more, such as taro and green tea. In the UK where I’m from, frozen yogurt flavours tend to be mostly fruit based so it was a surprise seeing cookie dough flavoured frozen yogurt. The toppings included fresh fruit, chocolate sprinkles and fruit pearls.

I went for hazelnut yogurt and mango yogurt with various fresh fruit, fruit pearls and biscuit crumb topping. This was as good as it sounds, that is, lovely and perfect for a hot day! The frozen yogurt was lighter than ice cream as you  would expect and very tasty. I loved the fruit pearls – to anyone from the UK who hasn’t had one one of these, I can only describe these as being a like a bath pearl but made of fruit flavour.

Yogurtland, Sydney

My custom frozen yogurt delight @Yogurtland

The only down side is working out the cost – the cost is by weight so if you go overboard, it could be expensive. While I was there, a young girl created a large frozen yogurt pot and it cost around $10, much to her mother’s surprise! However, you can get a decent size for around the $6 mark, as I did.

I also went to Snow Pink, the independent frozen yogurt shop on George Street – this was a similar experience to Yogurtland and they also sold yogurt smoothies. My favourite was the kiwi flavour smoothie, not least because it seemed to be the ‘forever’ daily special at a special price!

Gelato Messina is renowned for selling wonderful gelato in Sydney – there are a few shops dotted around Sydney and a couple in Melbourne. I often visited the Surry Hills shop and have many fond memories of walking down Crown Street with a delicious Messina ice cream. I also have good memories of the frozen yogurt shops. The frozen yogurt was for me more expensive than a gelato from Messina but it was great fun coming up with my own flavour combinations. I would love self service froyo to take off in the UK!

UPDATE June 2015: The George Street CBD branch of Yogurtland has sadly closed, as has Snow Pink. There are still a few Yogurberry shops in the CBD area.

Yogurtland (CBD)
501 George Street
NSW. 2000
Typical cost per person: Around $6 or more if you create a frozen yogurt behemoth 😉


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