Beigel Bake, Brick Lane, London

Type of food: Bagels

Beigel Bake is the bagel shop with the white shop front in London’s Brick Lane. I have just posted about the Beigel Shop, the one with the yellow shop front, so for the sake of balance and because I think both are great, here are my thoughts on Beigel Bake. While the Beigel Shop is steeped in history, Beigel Bake has been established since 1974 so can also lay claim to being an institution on Brick Lane.

Like the other bagel* shop, Beigel Bake is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week and is popular with tourists, cabbies, night clubbers and post night clubbers. There is a range of traditional fillings for bagels, bread rolls and chola (challah) on offer such as chopped herring, smoked salmon and hot salt beef as well as other fillings such as Nutella, peanut butter and tuna. They also sell a range of pastries. I’ve not yet tried the other bread options – it’s about the bagels (but I do want to try the braided chola bread).

My favourite filling is smoked salmon and cream cheese – the bagel is filled generously with plain smoked salmon and cream cheese. The bagels are made to a traditional recipe and are obviously are a far cry from the mass produced supermarket bagels – larger, slightly chewy with a slightly crispy crust. The smoked salmon and cream cheese bagel costs just £1.90 (at time of writing).

Smoked salmon and cream cheese bagel

Smoked salmon and cream cheese bagel @ Beigel Bake

They also sell hot salt beef bagels (legendary hot salt beef bagels I should say). As a vegequarian, I haven’t tried this delicacy but I have been told that these are delicious and stuffed with mounds of home made hot salt beef, mustard and (optional at a small cost) gherkins. This will cost £4.30 including gherkin.

There are usually queues outside Beigel Bake but these do move quite quickly. For an authentic bagel and cheap lunch or snack, you can’t go wrong!

(I have also been to the Beigel Shop at 155 Brick Lane and there is not much between the two shops – I would just go to the one with the shortest queue, unless you want to try a rainbow bagel).

Beigel Bake
159 Brick Lane
London. E1 6SB
Tel: +44(0) 7172 0616
Opening hours: twenty four hours, seven days a week
Nearest station (overground): Shoreditch High Street
Typical cost per person for a bagel: Under £5 if you go for salt beef; Under £3 for other fillings

*Bagel or beigel? Beigel (pronounced ‘bye-gul’) is authentic and true to the Jewish East End of London. However, I use the term ‘bagel’ as I am not from the East End 😉

Beigel Bake Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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