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Beigel Bake, Brick Lane, London

Type of food: Bagels

Beigel Bake is the bagel shop with the white shop front in London’s Brick Lane. I have just posted about the Beigel Shop, the one with the yellow shop front, so for the sake of balance and because I think both are great, here are my thoughts on Beigel Bake. While the Beigel Shop is steeped in history, Beigel Bake has been established since 1974 so can also lay claim to being an institution on Brick Lane.

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Yellow beigel shop front

Beigel Shop, Brick Lane, London

Type of food: Bagels

A trip to London’s Brick Lane would not be complete without a visit to one of the two iconic bagel shops. Brick Lane is now more renowned for its curry houses so the two bagel shops hark back to older times. The Beigel Shop,  the one with the yellow shop front, was established in 1855 when the area was home to a large Jewish community. The community dispersed to North London, the synagogue is now a mosque but the Beigel Shop remains and has become an institution. The other shop, Beigel Bake, has the white shop front. Continue reading

Beigels Barbican menu

Beigels, Barbican, London

Type of food: Bagels

Within a half mile radius of the Barbican, there are a number of chain food shops – Pret A Manger, Eat and Subway – all offering lunch options for the many people who work in and visit the area. I have been to both Pret and Eat many times and I can understand their ubiquity (mainly) in London. However, I do like supporting independent places and a work colleague recommended Beigels to me. She came back with huge and delicious looking bagel so I had to try the place.

Beigels is a little shop on Goswell Road, opposite the Italia Conti Theatre Academy, that sells bagels. There are plenty to choose from, including breakfast bagels, cheesy melts, typical sandwich fillings and toasted bagels with peanut butter. Of course there are the specials too such as pastrami and hot salt beef. There are even burger bagels. Continue reading