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Golden Bowl, Portsmouth, UK

Cuisine: Chinese

A number of Chinese restaurants and cafés that serve authentic Chinese food have popped up in Portsmouth over the last few years. Most restaurants will now have a separate Chinese menu in addition to the standard menu. Golden Bowl is a café / takeaway towards the northern end of Fawcett Road that has a menu of Hong Kong Cantonese food alongside more Westernised fare. This place is small (around 25 covers) and no frills and is reminiscent of a café in Hong Kong – there is a ceiling fan and behind the counter, you’ll see a curtain that cordons off the kitchen and a TV playing Chinese channels. Continue reading

Leong’s Legends continue…, Chinatown, London

Cuisine: Taiwanese

I have always been intrigued by Leong’s Legend, a Taiwanese restaurant where you’re supposed to knock on the front door before entering. We went to the Leong’s Legends continue… branch (there are two in Chinatown, the other simply called Leong’s Legends) on a very busy Saturday evening and we were lucky to get the last table. The restaurant is decorated simply and is reminiscent of a tea house with wooden tables and chairs and pendant lamp shades. Some of the tables are a little cramped. Continue reading

Jen Cafe London Chinatown

Jen Café, Chinatown, London

Cuisine: Chinese

I am partial to a good dumpling, from Italian gnocchi to Czech bread dumplings to good old British dumplings (made with vegetarian suet of course!). I also love east Asian dumplings – Japanese gyoza and, naturally, the lovely little bundles you get in dim sum. London’s Chinatown is full of restaurants that serve dim sum and dumplings – I have been to a few. Jen Café, which is on the corner of Newport Place in Chinatown, however stands out for me because of their signature homemade dumplings. This is not a restaurant as such, more of a Chinese café that feels not dissimilar to a Hong Kong cha chaang teng, the equivalent of a Hong Kong ‘greasy spoon’ cafe.

Continue reading