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Sushi Train, Darlinghurst, Sydney

Cuisine: Japanese

There are a number of Sushi Train restaurants across Australia and a couple in New Zealand. The restaurants include a sushi bar, conveyor belt where diners can pick little dishes of sushi from the conveyor belt as they whizz past. This is nothing new and is a common feature of the dining experience in Japan. In the UK, we have a chain called YO! Sushi which also features a sushi bar.

I stumbled upon Sushi Train in Darlinghurst (or Oxford as stated on the website) on a very wet and cold Saturday evening – I learnt that when it rains in Sydney, it really rains…! I was looking for shelter from the rain and a quick bite to eat but I didn’t fancy Hungry Jacks (known as Burger King in the UK). Sushi Train appeared to me when I walked into the Oxford Square shopping centre. It was not too busy and I thought I’d give the Australian version of YO! Sushi a go – there weren’t too many places to choose from. Continue reading

Third Village

Third Village Coffee, Darlinghurst, Sydney

UPDATE 7th September 2016: The Stanley Street branch of Third Village Coffee has closed. The shop at 150 William Street is still open.

I was told about the wonders of an Australian coffee soon after I arrived in Sydney. Indeed one of my friends who was originally from England before moving to Australia, lamented the lack of a good long black coffee during a return visit to England and was befuddled by Americano coffees! However, this was only because he didn’t go to the right places 🙂

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Miss Chu Darlinghurst

MissChu Darlinghurst, Sydney (CLOSED)

UPDATE 7th January 2017: MissChu has re-opened as Saigon Lane and is no longer run by Nahji Chu.

Cuisine: Vietnamese

I loved my visits to MissChu (the Darlinghurst tuckshop)both takeaway and eating at one of the street tables. My favourite dishes were the tiger prawn and green mango rice paper rolls and the prawn and crab net spring roll vermicelli salad. The latter featured a few delicately crispy net spring rolls filled with prawns and crab and served on a bed of rice vermicelli salad with a Vietnamese salad dressing. Delicious! I had not come across net spring rolls before. My friends would go for the Wagyu beef pho or the roast suckling pork bánh mi and I was told that both were delicious. I loved the herbs used – I recall shisho leaves and Vietnamese mint. The flavours were very fresh and they really did make a difference – many of the Vietnamese restaurants that I had been to back in the UK do not use these herbs.  Continue reading

Sushi on Stanley, Darlinghurst, Sydney

Cuisine: Japanese

I worked in Darlinghurst for 3 months and I visited Sushi on Stanley at least once a week. The food was excellent – tasty, very fresh and cheap. The restaurant was very small and best suited for a quick, informal meal or takeaway – the place gets full very quickly. There were a couple of outdoor tables but as there are no parasols, it could get rather hot in the Australian Summer. I often sat on one of the tables nearest the entrance and watched the world go by.  Continue reading