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Ballerina by Lister, Sydney

Gelato Messina, Surry Hills, Sydney

Type of food: Gelato

A visit to Gelato Messina is usually near the top of list of ‘best places to eat’ in Sydney. It featured highly in my guide book, on Urbanspoon and on Trip Advisor. There are a number of Messina shops dotted around the city and the suburbs – from Darlinghurst to Bondi to Parramatta.

As someone who is rather partial to ice creams and sorbets, I stopped by at Gelato Messina (Surry Hills) regularly during my stay in Sydney. This was hardly surprising as my walk home from work involved walking down Crown Street so it would have been hard to not stop by, especially on a warm day. In fact, it became a little addictive! The popularity of the place means that there are often queues, however, I was lucky enough to not have to queue. Perhaps it was the timing – I often went at around 6pm. Continue reading