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MissChu London

MissChu, Aldgate East, London CLOSED

MissChu (London) closed in January 2015

MissChu is a small and well loved Vietnamese chain of restaurants in Sydney and Melbourne. The MissChu Darlinghurst tuck shop was one of my favourite places for lunch when I lived in Sydney – I have blogged about the Darlinghurst tuck shop in a previous post. ¬†I was delighted to find that a branch had opened in London on Whitechapel High Street and I looked forward to going there to remind me of a wonderful time in Australia. I was also interested to see how MissChu would transfer to the UK. Sadly, the London branch has just closed down, a casualty of the company going into administration ūüė¶ However, I did manage to visit to satisfy my MissChu cravings for my favourite menu items – the tiger prawn and mango rice paper rolls and the crab net spring roll salad.
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Miss Chu Darlinghurst

MissChu Darlinghurst, Sydney (CLOSED)

UPDATE 7th January 2017: MissChu has re-opened as Saigon Lane and is no longer run by Nahji Chu.

Cuisine: Vietnamese

I loved my visits to MissChu (the Darlinghurst tuckshop), both takeaway and eating at one of the street tables. My favourite dishes were the tiger prawn and green mango rice paper rolls and the prawn and crab net spring roll vermicelli salad. The latter featured a few delicately crispy net spring rolls filled with prawns and crab and served on a bed of rice vermicelli salad with a Vietnamese salad dressing. Delicious! I had not come across net spring rolls before. My friends would go for the Wagyu beef pho or the roast suckling pork bánh mi and I was told that both were delicious. I loved the herbs used РI recall shisho leaves and Vietnamese mint. The flavours were very fresh and they really did make a difference Рmany of the Vietnamese restaurants that I had been to back in the UK do not use these herbs.  Continue reading